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Christian Legal Centre relieved at Nicklinson and Lamb rulings but warns of “anti-life” tactics

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Issued on behalf of Christian Legal Centre

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31 July 2013

Christian Legal Centre relieved at Nicklinson and Lamb rulings but warns of “anti-life” tactics

The Christian Legal Centre has responded to this morning’s (31 July) judgment from the Court of  Appeal which rejected the cases of Tony Nicklinson and Paul Lamb.

The judges ruled that there should be no change in the murder law to allow a doctor to take someone’s life at their request with a "defence of necessity".

In a dissenting judgment, the court also ruled that a third paralysed man (known as Martin) could seek clearer prosecution guidance for health professionals who help others die.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of Christian Legal Centre, commented:

“We’re relieved that the judges have upheld the current law on murder. It’s there for our protection and doesn’t need changing. As the judges pointed out, no country in the common law world has gone so far as to recognise a defence to murder where another person acts on a competent person’s wish to end his or her own life. This kind of change would put thousands of vulnerable people at risk.

“It was always unlikely that the Court would rule in favour of Lamb and Nicklinson. But the legal battle is part of a bigger strategy of the anti-life lobby. The cases get lots of media attention, the spotlight turns on Westminster and pressure is built up for MPs to change the law.

“We’ve already seen how the legal landscape has changed in the aftermath of the Purdy case. There have been no prosecutions since the DPP issued guidelines on assisted dying. This becomes a stepping stone for lobbyists to pressure parliament into changing the law on suicide. Law makers need to be aware of this strategy and consider the principles carefully rather than be swayed by clever PR based on hard cases.

“In the current economic climate of rising costs, unemployment and benefit cuts, budgets are squeezed. We must remember the most vulnerable in our midst such as the elderly and disabled.”


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