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Christian woman sacked after Islamist harassment seeks hearing in Europe

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Issued on behalf of Christian Legal Centre
Press Release
For Immediate Release
11 APRIL 2013

Christian woman sacked after Islamist harassment seeks hearing in Europe

A CHRISTIAN worker who was dismissed from her job at Heathrow Airport will have her case heard today (11 April) by the Employment Appeals Tribunal in London.

Nohad Halawi worked at a duty free shop at Heathrow Terminal 3 for 13 years. But management took away her ‘airside pass’ – meaning she was unable to continue working at the airport – after Muslim colleagues made unsubstantiated complaints about her conduct.

Mrs Halawi had stood up for a Christian colleague who was being harassed by Islamist staff.

She had verbally complained to management over personal abuse and harassment from Islamist staff members over her Christian faith.

22 of Mrs Halawi’s colleagues, including other Muslims, signed a petition which stated:

“We are shocked and saddened by the recent dismissal of our colleague and friend, Nohad, as a result of malicious and unfounded allegations made against her.”

Last year, an Employment Tribunal found that Mrs Halawi was not technically employed, so she had no protection under employment law, despite the fact she had worked at Heathrow for 13 years. The removal of her airside pass and loss of her employment was non judiciable.

Mrs Halawi has asked the Christian Legal Centre (CLC) for support and has instructed leading human rights barrister, Paul Diamond, to represent her.

Today (11 April), Mr Diamond will argue at the Employment Appeals Tribunal that Mrs Halawi is protected under European law and that her case should be reconsidered at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, director of the Christian Legal Centre, said:

“It’s important Mrs Halawi’s case gets a hearing at the ECJ. She represents tens of thousands of people across the UK who work, in all but name, as ‘employees’ for companies and yet have absolutely no employment rights.

“Furthermore, if the case is not heard in Luxembourg, the fundamental security and religious issues of this case will also not be properly investigated. Heathrow airport is one of the main points of entry to the UK, so it’s vital that any expressions of radical Islamism are investigated and dealt with.”

For further information/interview:

Andrea Minichiello Williams – 07712 591164


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