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Christians not allowed to be foster parents

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Issued by Christian Legal Centre


Press Release


For Immediate Release

8th August 2010

Christians not allowed to be foster parents

A Christian couple from Blackburn, Lancashire, have had their application to be foster parents terminated by the Council because of their orthodox Christian beliefs on marriage and their belief that the best environment in which to raise a child is with a mother and a father. Rev John Yallop and his wife Colette had told Lancashire Council that they were Christians but had been assured that they were still welcome to apply to be foster parents.

However, during the process problems arose for John and Colette Yallop when the Council asked them whether they would have any objections to prospective homosexual adoptive parents coming into their home for the ‘hand over’ process which normally involves a number of visits. John and Colette Yallop proposed that any meetings with prospective homosexual adoptive parents should take place at a children’s centre rather than in their own home, as they were concerned that it may cause confusion to their two young children aged 5 and 7. Due to this request, their application has now been terminated by the Council. John and Colette Yallop were greatly distressed and have contacted the Christian Legal Centre which is now supporting them in their case.

It would appear that John and Colette Yallop have been discriminated against due to their Christian belief that marriage is between a man and a woman and that children do best when they have a mother and a father.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, Director of the Christian Legal Centre commented: ‘We will be supporting John and Colette Yallop in legal action. It is vital that as Christians we are allowed to live out our faith in public and not be eliminated from this kind of vital community work due to oppressive equalities legislation. Christian beliefs on marriage and the family produce wonderful, vibrant communities and we need to have the confidence to speak about this and live out our faith.’

For further information, please contact Andrea Minichiello Williams, Director of the Christian Legal Centre, on 07712 591 164.


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