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Claiming the right to change unwanted same-sex feelings

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10.30, Thursday 16th January 2014 at Emmanuel Conference Centre, Marsham Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3DW

A challenge to the perception that sexual labelling brands a person for life and cannot be changed, is the focus of a conference in Westminster tomorrow (16 JAN).
A Christian charity, Core Issues Trust, is hosting the “Setting Love In Order” conference to discuss the current hostility and increasingly restrictive professional practice rules preventing men and women from seeking therapeutic help to move away from unwanted same-sex attraction. 
The conference will examine Labour MP, Geraint Davies' Private Member’s Bill, the “Counsellors and Psychotherapists (Regulation) Bill”, which aims to outlaw such therapies.
Geraint Davies will be the opening speaker at the conference.
Founder and Director of Core Issues Trust, Dr Mike Davidson, is someone who has moved away from a homosexual lifestyle and now seeks to help individuals who want to do the same.
Dr Davidson who will respond to Geraint Davies’ address comments:
“Our key aim will be to demonstrate with hard evidence that sexuality is not fixed at birth. Many individuals including celebrities have changed from homosexual to heterosexual lifestyles and so we want to protect the freedoms of those who have unwanted same-sex feelings to have the right to seek help. This isn’t about forcing unwanted therapy on anyone. It is about the freedom of an individual to seek therapeutic help if he or she wants to. It is about ensuring that there are trained counsellors practising in this field who are available to help and regulated by a professional body.
Dr Davidson continues “the debate on therapeutic help to move away from unwanted same-sex attraction has been hijacked and distorted by a small and vociferous gay lobby who want to suggest that homosexuals are being somehow forced into acting out a heterosexual lifestyle against their will.
“This is a cynical distortion of the truth. Core Issues Trust represents the interests of people who voluntarily choose to access therapeutic help to move away from their unwanted same-sex attraction.
“As professional counsellors we are being frozen out of the system and labelled as dangerous. What is dangerous is a system that shuts out counsellors and the therapy that gives help to those that are seeking it.” 


For further information and interview requests:
Garry Selfridge  07545 696 207

Notes for Editors:

A second “Setting Love In Order” conference will take place in Northern Ireland on Saturday, 18th January 2014, at Ballynahinch Baptist Church, 24 Lisburn Rd, Ballynahinch, County Down BT24 8B 


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