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Man pays out to pro-life group for destruction of property

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Issued on behalf of Christian Concern
Press Release
For Immediate Release
13 August 2013

Man pays out to pro-life group for destruction of property

A man who shouted abuse and damaged a display of Abort67 - a pro-life group that Christian Legal Centre supports - has written a letter of apology and paid for the damage he caused.

Abort67 set up educational displays with images which show people the effects of abortion on the unborn child. A group of volunteers set up one of these displays on 15th November last year in Richmond, London.

But a passerby became angry and shouted abuse at the group. He attempted to remove the camera that one of the volunteers was using, even though he had been asked not to.

Because of the graphic nature of the images shown, the group had placed a warning sign across the road. The man removed this sign and threw it over the hedge of someone's house. After returning to the group, he grabbed the posters they were displaying and broke them, causing damage amounting to over £500.

The man was later arrested by police and cautioned. Christian Legal Centre assisted John Rodger, who heads up the Abort67 Richmond group, with a private prosecution to seek compensation for the damage caused.

A resolution was reached last week. The man who damaged the group's property has apologised in a letter to Mr Rodger and paid for the damage he caused.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of Christian Legal Centre, said:

"We're proud to stand side by side with Abort67. The work they are doing is changing public opinion and saving lives. We're always ready to support them and challenge anyone who tries to disrupt their work.

"We have already provided them with legal support on other occasions and will continue to do so when necessary."


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