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New play by Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter explores effect of gender and sexuality revolution

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Issued by Christian Concern


News Release
Christian Concern
10 November 2016

FRI 11 & SAT 12 NOV
Emmanuel Centre
Marsham Street, London SW1P 3DW

New play by Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter explores effect of gender and sexuality revolution 

A GROUND-BREAKING and provocative play following the lives of a man and a woman as they try to break free from society's expectations about sexuality and gender, will premiere in London this week.

Sunlight, which is based on the life-stories of writers Michelle Shocked and Professor Bobby Lopez, will be performed for the first time tomorrow evening (FRI 11 NOV).

Featuring original music and monologue from twice Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, Michelle Shocked, the play explores the personal impact of society's understanding of sexuality and gender.

The play follows the stories of two young people, deeply affected by their upbringing, as they seek to make their way in the world.  

Michelle and Bobby have never met, but their stories are remarkably similar.

Michelle is a teenage singer-songwriter from Texas, leaving her Mormon mother to pursue fame and fortune, whilst Bobby, having been brought up by a lesbian couple (his mother and her partner), is sent to boarding school by his previously absent father.

Encounters with different people reveal that Michelle and Bobby both experience isolation, and are unable to find anyone who understands their problems or who they are. Both are let down by people who promise that they can be trusted and both experience immense pressure to conform to certain expectations of sexuality and gender.

Tragically, in seeking true relational intimacy and trying to break free from their own past and society's expectations, they encounter strong opposition, which only worsens their experience.

Sunlight is an emotive and brutally honest account of life in the modern world, organisers say.

The play will be performed by Michelle Shocked, Michael J Mainwaring and Amber Flores.

Commenting on the play, Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, which has helped to bring Sunlight to the UK, says:

“This is a dark tale of loneliness and betrayal. Sunlight is very honest about the struggles experienced by those wishing to break free from what has become ‘the new normal’. This poignant play not only explores personal struggles against unwanted feelings or perceptions but also the political and public struggles involving those who, whilst claiming to further freedom, have in fact greatly restricted it.

"Based on true stories, Sunlight challenges dominant cultural narratives and exposes the real-life outworking of current trends.”

Complimentary tickets for reviewers are available and interviews with the writers can be arranged, as can attendance at rehearsals. 


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