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Not Ashamed Song Official Release

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Issued on behalf of Christian Concern

Press Release

For Immediate Release

7 December 2010

Christmas Single in Charts for Not Ashamed?

The Not Ashamed campaign, organised by Christian Concern, has inspired 18 year old singer-songwriter Josh Anderson to write 'We are Not Ashamed'. With support from followers of Not Ashamed, this song could enter the charts in the run-up to Christmas.

The song was released yesterday and can be purchased on iTunes here. A version on You Tube can be viewed here.

Supporters and other well wishers are being encouraged to buy the song this week. Only 30,000 downloads would be needed to get the song into the Charts and 100,000 to get to Number One, generating some interesting profile for the campaign and especially how it has captured the imagination of the younger generation. Please download the song this week for the download to register with the Charts.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, Director of Christian Concern, said:

“Even though only recently launched, the campaign seems to be really capturing people's imagination and resonating with those who want more to be heard about the value of our Christian heritage and the relevance of the Christian message for modern Britain. One of the striking things is that it has attracted support from young and old, those from more established, traditional churches and those from newer churches - and from across ethnic groups. People seem to appreciate the chance to link up at the grass-roots level and have a national voice. Josh's song is just one example of local initiatives that have got off the ground in response to the overall thrust of the campaign. He heard about 'Not Ashamed' and wrote the song off the back of that. We want to support his effort to stand up for and be public about what he believes. In a society in which there is sometimes pressure to be ashamed of taking Jesus Christ seriously it is great that 18 year old Josh has taken the initiative on this. I want to see it enter the charts!”

The campaign launch

The Not Ashamed campaign seeks to encourage Christians across the country to speak up for the value of the Christian heritage of our nation and articulate why Jesus Christ is good news for modern Britain.

Launched on 1 December 2010, the campaign has the backing of Lord Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, and a number of other Church leaders and Christians from across the denominations.

Lord Carey officially launched his leaflet 'I'm Not Ashamed' outside the House of Lords at lunchtime on 01DEC. Later in the afternoon, a delegation delivered a copy of the booklet and information about the campaign to 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace whilst other supporters gathered at Parliament.

The campaign has captured the public’s imagination, attracting huge media interest in the UK and even internationally. Not Ashamed supporters gave over 25 national or local radio interviews and the launch has provoked phone-ins and on-air discussions on a number of other national and local radio shows. The campaign also generated coverage in national and local press. For more information about the launch see here and here.


Not Ashamed website:

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Andrea Minichiello Williams on 07712 591 164


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