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Press statement from senior pro-life MPs Jim Dobbin and Anne Widdecombe issued after votes on HFE Bill – 22.10.08.

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Jim Dobbin, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Pro Life Group, said: “We were extremely disappointed in the way the Government organised today’s debate, in a bid to rush this through. These are far reaching matters, and demanded more time - and yet we have, instead, a sea change in the UK’s approach to many areas.

“There was, for example, clearly insufficient time to debate quite significant aspects of the Bill, such as issues surrounding parenthood, and consent of donation of cells and tissues for research.”

Ann Widdecombe, Vice-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Pro Life Group, said:

“We were delighted to achieve more than 200 votes on some key aspects, and no further liberalisation of the abortion laws. Pro-life groups throughout the country did a tremendous job in raising awareness of some of the more dangerous areas. 

“But we were disappointed to have lost ground in embryology. For example it will now be legal to mix animal and human species to create hybrid embryos for research.

“The Human Reproductive Cloning Act 2001 will now be repealed as a result of this Bill, which is an extremely worrying development.”


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