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Response from Crossteach to Tunbridge Wells school decision

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Crossteach is a charitable organisation that seeks to represent the historical Christian faith in a school setting.

We are engaged in schools by invitation and our staff work transparently under direct and constant supervision.

We ensure all activities are conducted in observance of schools' policies and, where applicable, follow national guidelines and the school's agreed RE syllabus.

Wayne Harris, Crossteach National Director said:

“Whilst we note the strong comments made by Mr Daniel Turvey, Headteacher, in support of our workers and activities, Crossteach is very disappointed that, after 16 years of supporting the school, our work will no longer be available to young people at St John's CE Primary School, Tunbridge Wells.

"Wherever possible we work in partnership with local churches and we reflect their teaching, always aiming to be sensitive to the local context, and recognising that churches vary. We teach mainstream Christianity.

"In 16 years of Christian schools work no teacher has ever raised a concern that something has been said that could be interpreted as in any way ‘hateful’ or ‘extremist’ and we strongly refute this current parental allegation. On the contrary, schools have consistently expressed appreciation for the contribution that Crossteach has made and for the quality of the work.

"Even in this current situation Mr Turvey, Headteacher of St John’s CE School, in his letter to parents, said that Crossteach ‘do not deserve the tarnishing of their good name’, that staff have acted ‘with grace and dignity’. Indeed, Crossteach are still invited to continue to run an after-school club in the school.”

Further information about Crossteach is available below, and here.


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