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Trojan Horse Bill would stop help for people 'choosing' identity

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Issued by Christian Concern

News Release
For Immediate Release
12 December 2013

Trojan Horse Bill would stop help for people 'choosing' identity
CHRISTIAN Concern has described as “tyrannical” a new Bill aimed at banning support for people who have unwanted same-sex feelings but don’t want to embrace an ‘homosexual identity’. 
The Counsellors and Psychotherapists (Regulation) Bill, being put through Parliament by Labour MP Geraint Davies (click here to see Bill) would make it impossible for registered counsellors and psychotherapists to help reduce or manage unwanted same-sex feelings if that is what a client/patient sought help with.
Andrea Williams, CEO of Christian Concern says:

“This is a Bill without any compassion for those individuals who feel, for a variety of reasons, they do not want to live a homosexual lifestyle.  These are men and women who would be condemned to a lifestyle that makes them desperately unhappy and be prevented from finding proper help. Vulnerable people would be forced to seek out back-street remedies for their unwanted feelings rather than having the freedom to consult professional counsellors.
“The irony of this Bill is that it claims to stop people being ‘forced to change their sexual identity from homosexual to straight’.  But the reality is that for very many people who do have same-sex attraction, their sexuality is not fixed, and is certainly not their total identity in life.  What Geraint Davies is doing through this Bill is removing any potential for these men and women to receive help if they do not want to be pushed into the lobby’s assertion that if you have any ounce of same-sex attraction, you must live that out to the full as an expression of solidarity with social group in society that describe themselves as discriminated against and victimised.  This Bill will force people to change their sexual identity from confused and uncertain, to homosexual.
“In an increasingly illiberal modern-day Britain, and as science is helping us to understand our emotions and behaviour, we are seeing people confused about their sexuality being forced into acting out a same-sex attraction and becoming part of a ‘fixed sexual community' for political reasons.  That is not a liberating and respectful position and this is not a liberating and respectful Bill.”

Andrea Williams  claims the Bill is an attempt to impose an ideology promoted by pro-homosexual activists that people are born gay and cannot change, and accuses its author, Labour MP Geraint Davies, of seeking to condemn individuals to a life of misery because they want to live differently.

She says that there is a wealth of professional literature supporting the work of such organisations as the Core Issues Trust (CIT) which represents people who want to change or manage their sexual feelings, especially in line with their deeply help religious views.  She argues that the proposed Bill is a “bullying piece of legislation which tells vulnerable people they must live a gay life – by law”.
Mike Davidson, Director of Core Issues Trust, who himself has moved away from homosexual feelings and activity, says:

“I can hardly believe that our Parliament is contemplating legislation that you might expect in a dictatorship, forcing people with feelings they don’t want to keep, to conform to a lifestyle that a very vociferous lobby promotes – the homosexual lifestyle. Those who do not want to live as a homosexual are not motivated by ideology but by a heart-felt desire to live differently.  And I can point to many case studies where caring, professional counselling has enabled individuals to live fulfilled lives in the way they prefer to live.”
Andrea Williams says a Bill which insists on banning vaguely defined 'gay to straight conversation therapy” is a symbol of oppression which starts by stifling debate and denies the human rights of the many individuals who want to enter into a traditional marriage and raise their own children.


For further information or interview:

Andrea Williams        07712 591 164
Andrew Marsh          07919 354 456
Peter Norris              07968 444 525

Dr Mike Davidson of Core Issues Trust is also available for interview. 

Notes for Editors
The text of the Bill is available here

Further resources:
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The Right to Decide: Seeking Justice for Choices Around Unwanted Same Sex Attractions, By Michael R. Davidson
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