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Tyndale House to launch new Day Conferences to Resource Church against challenges to Orthodoxy

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One of the UK’s leading theological research centres is launching a series of one-day seminars to help resource the Church as it faces challenges to its very core beliefs – including the reliability of the Bible.

At a time when the Church is under attack from post-modernism and secularist attitudes, Tyndale House in Cambridge is launching a new service to help Christians and Church leaders defend orthodox Christian beliefs. The first event is to be held on June 20 at Westminster Chapel, London, is entitled Bible and Church Conference. Organisers of the day-long gathering want “to provide Christians with reliable scholarly evidence in support of the historical basis of the faith and, to equip Christians to share that faith with confidence”.

Dr Peter Williams, Warden at Tyndale House, and an acknowledged expert in the study of ancient languages related to the Bible, will address the issue of history, and how early core Christian beliefs were established. He will then discuss whether early Christian records were legend, myth or fabrication before addressing how easy it would have been for fabricated accounts of Jesus’ life and ministry to be circulated in the early Church. Delegates will then be offered contributions by Dr Dirk Jongkind, an expert on the Codex Sinaiticus (the oldest complete copy of the New Testament) who will explain the evidence for the New Testament text, before addressing whether the Bible has been deliberately corrupted or changed through the passage of time.

After lunch, the editor of the Journal for the Study of the New Testament, Dr Simon Gathercole, will focus on why there are only four Gospels, the significant differences between them, before exploring contemporary views and books referring to the gospels of Mary, Thomas and Judas. Delegates will be given extensive opportunity to ask questions of a panel of experts.

Dr Williams said: “Society is being bombarded with misinformation about the Bible, such as allegations that it has been corrupted by power-hungry Christians who, for example, omitted books they did not like, and changed the original message of Jesus. When these and other wild claims are made in the media, and by members of the public, most Christians do not know how to respond. Some even find their faith shaken.

“During this first day conference we will expose false claims about the New Testament, show how the New Testament can be trusted, as well as equip ordinary Christians to share their faith with real confidence and conviction. We see these conferences as the start of a new series of resources to help Christians and Church leaders face the many philosophical and secular challenges to orthodox Christian beliefs.”

The event is free of charge, but a free-will offering will be taken to help cover expenses. For full details of the event, and for details of future events, visit


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