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Tell your MP that the 'British values oath' needs to be scrapped

Last month Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, called for public officials to swear an oath to 'British values'. These values would include 'equality', which has been used to oppress Christians who believe in the true nature of marriage.

If the government introduces such an oath, it could bar Christians from being school governors, civil servants, parliamentarians, police and judiciary.

Please write to your MP to tell them that the oath should be scrapped.

Sajid Javid is expected to clarify exactly what might be in the oath in the spring, but it is important that we tell our MPs now what we think about it.

Tim Dieppe has highlighted some of the potential problems with the oath. We have also produced some points below which might help you work out what to say.

Thank you for your help to protect Christian freedoms in our nation.


Silenced for speaking out

The state doctrine of 'equality' has already been used to silence criticism of same-sex 'marriage':

  • Ofsted has used British values to interrogate pupils and teachers about their beliefs on same-sex 'marriage'.
  • Richard Page has effectively been barred from office for stating that children would be better with a mother and a father.
  • Felix Ngole was expelled from university for posting on Facebook in support of biblical teaching on marriage.
  • A Christian couple has been threatened with a bar from adoption for stating that children should have a mother and a father where possible.
  • The Equality Commission in Northern Ireland has been pursuing Ashers Baking Company for its stance of being unwilling to promote same-sex 'marriage'.
  • The state has closed down adoption agencies that prefer to place children with a mother and a father.


Write to your MP

Use your own words to make one or two of the following points:

  • Say that you are opposed to the introduction of a British values oath for public office.
  • Say you are concerned that an oath to equality could result in a bar on Christians from public office.
  • Highlight one of the cases above as an example of how the state doctrine of equality has already been used to oppress those who believe in the true nature of marriage.
  • Say that the government risks destroying freedom of belief and freedom of speech with such an oath.
  • Say that an oath would be wide open to misuse because of the many different ideas of what 'equality' or 'tolerance' means.
  • Say that the government has no right to enforce state doctrine on holders of public office.



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