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The New Normal Resource Hub



UPDATE: As a follow-up to the conference, a book has been published with contributions from many of the speakers - find out more about ‘The New Normal’ book.


Society is changing fast, especially in its attitudes to sexuality and gender. A revolution has taken place in recent years which has now become impossible to ignore.

It is affecting schools, families, and public debate. A number of cases have been heard in courts across the country and covered in the media.

But many of us feel confused by what is happening and ill-equipped to respond properly.

The New Normal Resource Hub brings together links to articles, academic papers, books and videos to help us better understand the issues and know how to respond to them in a way that is clear, courageous and compassionate.

Before reading on, you may wish to read this helpful glossary of terms put together by Joe Carter, an Editor of The Gospel Coalition.


The New Normal Resource Hub
The New Normal conference playlist 

The New Normal Conference PlaylistTo help bring some clarity to society's current confusion about gender and sexuality, Christian Concern hosted the New Normal conference on 11th and 12th November 2016, featuring teaching and lively discussion from a range of experts.

This playlist contains footage of all of the sessions from the conference, including the play Sunlight, which premiered at the event. You can scroll through the playlist of 14 videos to view the content that most interests you.

We trust the material will encourage and equip you, and please forward to those whom you think would be interested. 

Personal Accounts
The New Atlantis Study

Christian Concern has gathered a number of comment pieces to better equip people in their understanding on the issues of sexuality and gender.




prayer points

There has been a fast-paced revolution in society's attitude to sexuality and gender in recent years. This cultural shift is having a seismic effect on society. In this section of our transgender hub we have collated the personal accounts of those who have experienced the damaging effects first-hand, and their stories of liberation.

Personal accounts

A new study by highly reputable scholars Dr Lawrence, S. Mayer and Dr Paul R. McHugh shows evidencechallenging the popular claim that sexual orientation is innate. It highlights the prevalence of mental health issues amongst the LGBT community and links a same-sex lifestyle with environmental factors such as childhood abuse. 

The New Atlantis Study

Prayer Points
In the Media

We have collated a small selection of free and paid resources to help people further their thinking on issues of gender and sexuality.



jephthahs children

We have written some prayer points to help guide you in your prayers over the issues explored through this resource hub.



Prayer Points

In the past twelve months there have been a large number of media stories relating to gender and sexuality confusion. This page features some of these stories, along with responses from Christians in the form of comment and media interviews from Christians.  

transgender issues in the news



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