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The New Normal Hub: Personal Accounts

There has been a fast-paced revolution in society's attitude to sexuality and gender in recent years. This cultural shift is having a seismic effect on society.

In this section of our transgender hub we have collated the personal accounts of those who have experienced the damaging effects first-hand, and their stories of liberation. 

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The New Normal Resource Hub: Personal Accounts

Prof. Bobby Lopez

Mr Blobby

Growing up with two moms: The untold children's view 

Writing for the Public Discourse, Professor Robert 'Bobby' Lopez describes his experience of being raised by his mother and her same-sex partner. 

Bobby Lopez explains how growing up without a father had a negative effect on his upbringing and future lifestyle, and criticises the LGBT community for attempting to silence stories like his. 

"The children of same-sex couples have a tough road ahead of them—I know, because I have been there," he writes. "We owe them, at the least, a dose of honesty."


Mr Blobby

Christian parents fear 'gender-confused' daughter will be taken into care 

The Christian Legal Centre is supporting a Christian family, who fear that unless they allow their 14-year-old daughter 'Bethany' to change her name to 'Gary', (names changed for legal reasons in order to protect the anonymity of the child) that she might be taken into foster care. 

This case demonstrates how Christian families are being affected by the society's promotion of transgenderism. 

Walt Heyer 

Mr Blobby

Encouraging transgenderism in children is 'medical malpractice'

Writing for The Federalist, Walt Heyer, who has spoken widely of his regret in undertaking sex reassignment surgery, describes pushing transgenderism on children as "medical malpractice".

He describes how professionals are increasingly encouraging young people to experiment with gender transition.

He refers to his own experience of realising that his desire to be a woman stemmed from childhood issues, arguing that feelings change, yet physical changes are permanent.

Anonymous Mother

Anonymous mother stock photo

'I fear for my little girl in an increasingly pro-trans society'

A mother has said she is scared for her little girl's future in a society where pressure to endorse transsexualism is on the rise.

In a letter published in The Guardian, the anonymous mother expresses concern that her child's preference for playing with "dinosaurs and pirates" over dolls would encourage the transgender lobby to tell her she is in the 'wrong body'. 

"Soon, from the vulnerable age of 16, you will be able to start down a road with serious drugs that will alter you for ever, drugs that will make you infertile, surgery that will cause side-effects for the rest of your life," she says. 
"And various 'liberal' parts of society will call me an abusive parent for disagreeing with all of this."

Moira Fleming 

Mr Blobby

Transgenderism and anorexia 

In this piece on the Federalist website, Moira Fleming contrasts transgenderism with her personal struggle of anorexia.

She explains how the two contain similarities in the nature of the condition, and asks why the former is considered a matter of identity when the latter is so clearly a disorder. 

"Why are sex-reassignment surgeries the gold-standard treatment method in gender dysphoria literature? Why is such a drastic, violent procedure championed so fiercely?" she asks.


Transgender Book Cover

How I found freedom from gender confusion (Part 1) 

Marking the release of Vaughan Robert's timely new book, 'Transgender', an anonymous contributor has written of his personal experience on the Good Book Company website.

He tells his story of his painful struggle with cross-dressing, which lasted several years, until he eventually found freedom in Christ at a Bible-believing church. 

"The truth really did set me free", he says. "The trap just dissolved as the truth got to work." 

Denise Shick

Mr Blobby

Having transgender parents will hurt kids like It hurt me 

Writing for The Federalist, Denise Shick discusses the dangers of 'transgender' parenting, and reaffirms the need for children, whenever possible, to have, both a mother and a father.

Shick was raised by a father who underwent surgery to become a woman, and then left his family.

She says: "Sadly, in today's culture, affirming adults' choices is increasingly taking precedence over requiring or even encouraging adults to make sacrifices to benefit children."



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