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  • Government says 'Must stay gay'

    Gov. says 'must stay gay'
  • Parents challenge school 'transgender' policy

    Challenging 'transgender' policy
  • Support Pastor Song - blocked from ministry at HMP Brixton

    Help reinstate prison chaplain
  • Christian teacher dismissed and referred to counter-terrorism watchdog

    Christian teacher dismissed
  • Christian beliefs censored

    Christian beliefs censored
Tomorrow morning, a group called Christians At Bristol Pride will hold a ‘Service of Celebration’ with the sole intention of affirming LGBT+ lifestyles for Christians and then attending Pride Bristol.
On Wednesday 11th July, Ferryhill Town Council held a special meeting about Richard Smith, the ex-mayor who was hounded out of office for posting Christian views of sexuality and Islam on Facebook. An observer at the event reports on what happened:
July 13th, 2018 |
Dr P. Andrew Sandlin, Founder & President, Center for Cultural Leadership discusses the problem with 'progressivism' and challenges Christians and churches to steer away from its influence.
A Christian doctor had his contract terminated as a medical assessor for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) because of his belief that sex is genetic and biological.
On Tuesday the government announced plans to ‘stamp out’ what it simplistically calls ‘conversion therapies’ for sexual orientation and gender identity. The usual media circus flared up as it does around this subject. Most journalists and commentators have not realised how serious this really is. The United Kingdom has turned a corner with this announcement.
There is an international movement aimed at banning and criminalising therapy and counselling for unwanted same-sex attraction and gender identities. The government of the United Kingdom has announced that they are proposing such a ban. Carys Moseley explains ten reasons why this would violate human rights.
July 5th, 2018 | Abortion, Life and Bioethics
A High Court judge has upheld the ban excluding pro-life free speech and activity from the nearby vicinity of Marie Stopes’ abortion clinic on Mattock Lane in Ealing.
Carys Moseley looks at the UK government's case for rejecting gender-neutral passports, which recently won in the High Court, and finds that despite coming to the right conclusion the submission as a whole suggested that elements within the government are still open to the idea. This is despite the Home Office admitting that it would be a global security problem.
June 15th, 2018 | Family, Family and Sexual Ethics
Paul Diamond comments on recent statements made by Lord Justice Munby indicating the lack of societal consensus on what an ideal nuclear family life looks like.
This week, Voices of the Silenced streamed a live panel discussion on the controversial law being considered in the Republic of Ireland and California that would ban same-sex ‘conversion’ therapies.
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