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Christian Concern


Andrea Minichiello Williams - Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Ade Omooba - Co-Founder, Director



Andrew Marsh - Campaigns Director



Rachel Wagstaff - Head of Finance & Development

Paul Huxley - Finance & Data Officer



Peter McIlvenna - Events & Church Liaison 



Garry Selfridge - Head of Communications

Suvreet Bagga - Communications Officer

Peter Wooding - Communications Officer

Fred Williams - Video Producer


Systems & Data

Andrew Cox - Systems & Data Manager


Wilberforce Academy 

Alice Fairbairn - Wilberforce Academy Officer


Christian Legal Centre

Andrea Minichiello Williams - Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Rob Andrews - Company Secretary

Libby Blaxall - Legal Advisor

Lawyers instructed:

Paul Diamond - Standing Counsel to the Christian Legal Centre

Rob Andrews - Solicitor

Michael Phillips - Solicitor

Philip Ross-Smith – Solicitor

Consultants to Christian Concern/CLC

Paul Eddy - Public Relations Consultant

Sam Solomon - Islamic Affairs Advisor


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