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Christian Legal Centre

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The public would not have known anything about my case and the detrimental effect on our society at large, without CLC stepping into the void and handling my case

Gary McFarlane

Welcome to the Christian Legal Centre.

We exist to defend Christians in the public sphere and to protect the freedom of Christians to live their lives in accordance with their Christian beliefs.

We take on many high profile cases and we have defended many Christians who have suffered for their beliefs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you believe that you have been discriminated against because of your faith, or if you would like advice on your situation.

We deal with a wide range of issues including those who have been asked not to wear a cross, those who have lost their jobs for offering to pray or witnessing to colleagues and those who have lost their jobs or been disciplined for refusing to act against their conscience in the workplace.

The Christian Legal Centre is a sister organisation of Christian Concern


Colin Atkinson

What can I say? (The CLC team) have been absolutely brilliant, so supportive and most importantly, have gone about their business in a Christ-like fashion. It's been wonderful dealing with lawyers who are born again believers and who are passionate about Jesus Christ. I can only encourage others to support them.

Colin Atkinson

Eunice and Owen Johns

The Christian Legal Centre team has been with us from day one, and their support and expertise has been invaluable. We are so grateful that the Lord led us to them, because without their help, we certainly wouldn't have challenged Derby City Council's decision to halt our fostering application.

Eunice and Owen Johns


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