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Core Issues Trust faces £100K penalty for challenging Boris Johnson's inconsistency

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Supporters of Core Issues Trust (CIT) engaged Uxbridge voters, on election day, around the double-speak of Mayor Boris Johnson in soliciting the gay-vote when banning its advert in 2012, on the eve of mayoral elections.

Boris Johnson denied banning the advert in Court, yet took the credit in the media for doing so throughout his campaign. At the time CIT challenged the promotion of gay advocacy charity Stonewall’s views on 1000 buses using a controversial avert - “Some people are gay. Get over it!” - with a rejoinder advert arguing that some people were ex gay.

The case highlights how in Britain the new state orthodoxy may not be tested in court without penalty – the Trust has been ordered to pay in excess of £100K for challenging Boris’ actions. According to the government’s own (NATSAL) reports however, individuals’ sexual practices may change.

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